Friday, July 13, 2012

Campaigning and Doodling . . .

My son, Trey Downs, is running for Sheriff in Oconee County, Georgia.
Things are really heating up here in Oconee County . . . The weather has been in the triple digits and the campaign my son is running in is really heating up. Campaigning is hard work and especially when it is hot and humid. Of course, there are other obstacles such as snakes, dogs, squirrels, etc. On the trail I have encountered what I thought was a REAL snake but thank goodness it was a coiled plastic snake on someone’s front porch. He must have seen me jump (didn’t realize how close I was to wetting my pants) and came out the door laughing. He said that he keeps the fake snake on the porch to ward off unwanted birds. Then just yesterday, I was approaching a front porch when I looked down and saw one slither off in the bushes. Dogs are also a real concern! In fact, Trey has been chased by two big dogs. Luckily he was not bit! And I had a face-to-face confrontation with a squirrel yesterday. He tried to stare me down and refused to let me pass to get to the front door. After a few minutes, I guess he tired of staring and gave up and let me enter! Campaigning is tough work!

Speaking of which, I have been so drained by everything we are doing and not having time to sit down and sew, quilt, or knit, that I have turned back to doodling. This seems to allow me to release from of my creative juices and frustrations as well as giving me a break from reality. So I will share some of my little ideas with you. Alisa Burke is a real inspiration to me and I get tons of ideas from her. You should check out her blog . . .

She had a great idea about recycling cereal boxes … just paint on them. Here’s my first attempt . . .

Empty cereal box, painted with gel medium, painted with black acryllic paint, painted with crackle medium, painted with different colors of acryllic paints, and then doodled on.  When finished, I did add white to help make it pop.

I decided that I would take a plain piece of muslin and doodle on it making my own fabric. Here’s how this project progressed.

Plain white muslin. . .I do not use PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric or even prewash the fabric for my doodles.  Bet I will hear from someone on that one!
I start with a lot of different size circles and then fill them in with flowers or zentangles or whatever I feel like doing in the moment.  Add dots wherever I want to fill a space and not too much thinking or planning, just playing!


You might also try doodling on paper and seeing what you can do with it.  I decided to cut out a specific section on one of my doodlings and framed it.  This is how it turned out . . .

Thank goodness I had this simple craft to turn to.  It has really kept me a little more sane and balanced!

"Dance to the music of your dreams; the steps
will bring you joy."