Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Urban Country. . .

Loved the book URBAN country QUILTS by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks and published by That Patchwork Place.  Stunning wall hangings, pillows, pillowcases, lap quilts, etc.  I will have to say that Maisy caught my eye almost immediately.  So I decided to take this pattern into a different direction . . .
Telemadeira Fusion which I will explain later on.  In URBAN Country QUILTS Jeanne Large used black flannel for the background and felted wool for the applique.  She fused the applique to the flannel and suggested doing a blanket stitch around the fused pieces either by hand or machine.  You can find her project on Page 38.

I do love to applique by machine;  however, I thought I would take this project into a totally different direction using different media and techniques.  Telemadeira Fusion is a process that I learned from Al ma de la Melena Cox. On her web site,, she explains it this way:

"By bringing together "tela, the Spanish word for fabric, and "madera," the Spanish word for wood, I create a dynamic fusion of elements; "Telamadera Fusion" requires patience, as it can take several weeks for one work to evolve."
This is what I did to complete this project using her technique. . .
I went into my husband's workshop and found a scrap that I thought I could use.  I taped off edges and painted the interior black with just craft paint.  When the paint dried I taped off the interior and painted the edges to appear like a frame.  I chose green (my absolute favorite color) but any color would be just fine.  I went to the book and traced the patterns on the paper side of the fusible.  I then cut out and fused to the wood just as you would with fabric except I used a dry iron.  After the fabric and wood cooled down I began the process of adding the the varnish (I use Matte Varnish by Liquitex).  I allow each layer to dry for at least 8 to 10 hours and apply another coat.  In this case, I applied 10 coats.  It is a lengthy process but well worth the outcome.  And while you are waiting for this process to be completed, you can work on all your other projects!
Here is a picture of my finished project:

As you will see, I drilled holes, added buttons, and threaded wire through the holes and buttons to use for a hanger.  I love buttons, too!

This is a closeup of the flowers.  As you can see, I chose fabric from Jennifer Jangles' line which worked perfectly for me.  (Check out Jennifer on her blog, web site, and Etsy store)  I added some glitter glue to add a little sparkle.  I love this project.  EASY and FUN  to do.
Be sure to check out Alma de la Melena Cox and her tutorials and gallery.  Simply stunning and quite a bit more intricate than my piece.
Whatever you do, just have FUN!!!

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