Friday, June 22, 2012

Black and White Goodies . . . .

I just love black and white fabrics!!  I love the look and adding just a bit of color -- teal, red, lime green, whatever you are in the mood for that day!
I have been playing around with my black and white fabric scraps and below I have posted some of the results.  The only original works of mine are the reversed wall and the reversible table mat.  The cat wall hanging is from Quilting in Black & White published by Leisure Arts.  This is one great book with 16 projects all of which are simply stunning.  Their projects range from whimsical to modern.  Great buy!  The rest are taken from photos I have seen in magazines, on-line, etc.  I did not use their pattern, but did use their ideas to construct my projects.  I hope you enjoy and get some ideas and inspiration for some of your projects.  It is hard to see, but the buttons on this wall hanging are made from Shrinky Dinks material.  I love to use Shrinky Dinks as you can customize and make buttons, embellishments, jewelry, etc. 

This first photo is my cat wall hanging. . .

The Grab 'n Go Bag, great for quilting shows, shop hops, or quick trips to "town". . .

Reversed wall hangings . . .

Mini-wall hanging . . .I love quilts with dimension . . .probably because I am tactile and love to touch everything!

Reversible table mat . . .depending on mood and/or occasion . . .

Everyone needs a stylish I-pad cozy . . . this little tote could also be used other than a cozy for your I-pad.  You can easily customize it for your phone or just simply use it for a bag for your shopping trips.

This bracelet is quick and uses up little strips of your scraps or binding.  This was taken from Quilting Arts Magazine.  You can easily embellish this bracelet with buttons, beads, etc.  The closure is made from a ponytail rubber band.

How about beaded bracelets using memory wire?  Memory wire is great!  Just cut off what you want and slip beads, wire covers, etc. and curl the ends to keep everything on and you have a quick and easy bracelet.  What a great gift!

Ruffled bag. . .idea taken from the cover of Haute Bags . . .I have made over 10 of these bags using all kinds of fabric.  All you need is a store-bought canvas bag (or you could make your own) and strips of fabric ruffled (I use my ruffler attachment) and sew them on.  For the tops of some of the bags, I have doodled or painted in as well as adding other embellishment.

Small totes . . . made one for all the grandgirls . . .also made from fabric scraps . . . quick and very easy!

And finally, a Dresden plate. . .and I am sure that you can guess from the picture that we bleed red and black and are die-hard Dawg fans!!!  I love making Dresden plates.  I intend on making a complete quilt using the UGA Bulldog fabric!  Don't you think that would be stunning??

These projects are fun but I have to say very addicting to someone who loves to use up scraps and also loves black and white fabrics.  Turn on your creativity and have fun!!  Remember, all of us have something that is unique to offer.  You just have to have the courage to dream and imagine and make your dream and creations come true.  Be not afraid!  Create!  Dream!  Imagine!  Have FUN!!

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  1. Wow, Holley, that was an enitire art show in one post. I'm a black and white fan too, but mostly because of your influence. So happy to see you blogging!